The 2021 conference is in production. Check back later for registration.

Information from the 2020 conference can be found below.

ARTBA thanks these organizations for their leadership and sponsorship support of the 2020 P3 program

P3s and Project Delivery in Unprecedented Times

The Transportation construction industry and public agencies are planning, funding and managing projects under conditions never imagined just a few months ago. 

In this fully interactive event, federal, state and local officials will join P3 practitioners and other experts for a detailed look at today’s unprecedented market conditions and tomorrow’s possibilities.

At ARTBA’s Virtual P3s in Transportation Conference, you will…

  • CONNECT with key decision makers, project sponsors, private-sector finance executives, and government leaders;
  • PARTICIPATE in interactive sessions on timely topics;
  • LOOK AHEAD to developing P3 and transportation markets;
  • LEARN about project delivery in a new, challenging environment;
  • EARN Professional Development Hours (PDHs);
  • ENJOY complimentary registration to the 7th Annual National Workshop for State & Local Transportation Advocates; and
  • MORE!

Please contact ARTBA’s Krystal Taylor with questions.

“The Annual P3 Conference has been and will continue to be the preeminent summer gathering of transport advocates, financiers, builders, designers and operators. There is no better place or time to meet and receive updates related to upcoming legislative, regulatory and project pipeline in our industry.”

Sia Kusha, Group Head Project Development & Partnering, Plenary Group, Tampa, Florida

Preliminary Program

Updated 7/15/20. Times and topics subject to change.

“We have found that no other gathering has the depth of professional experience in the audience and at the presenter podium and that brings ultimate value to our time together. From the view from the Hill, the “great debate” to subject matter sessions and deal flow presentations by State representatives to the social gatherings, the ARTBA P3 conference seamlessly stiches them together into a marvelous opportunity for all attendees.”

Tom Stoner, Vice President of Alternative Delivery, H.W. Lochner, Inc., Seminole, Florida

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“ARTBA’s P3 Conference is one of a kind. It offers a unique blend of P3 transportation policy discussions, industry trends, practical advice, academic research, and diverse networking opportunities.”

Simon Santiago, Partner, Nossaman LLP, Washington, D.C.

2020 Public-Private Partnership (P3) Awards Program

Honoring outstanding achievement in the establishment and delivery of U.S. transportation P3s.

The American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) “Public-Private Partnership (P3) Awards Program” is an annual competition to honor and draw attention to individuals, projects, organizations and ideas that demonstrate outstanding achievement in the establishment and delivery of U.S. transportation P3 projects.

Submissions closed on Monday, June 22.

Click here for more Awards Program details

Enter our new social media raffle by using the hashtag #ARTBAP3 on your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts leading up to the Conference, and during the Conference. The winner will be announced on July 17. The prize will be announced shortly.


“The networking opportunities and relationships developed as a part of the ARTBA P3 conference have truly been a benefit to expanding my understanding of the P3 market place. The involvement of owners, developers, contractors, and designers all in one location is not replicated at any other conference I’ve attended. My involvement and attendance at the ARTPA P3 conference is one of the most important events for American Structurepoint that I attend every year.”

Steve Davidson, Executive Vice President, American Structurepoint, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana

Registration is free for P3 conference attendees.

The National Workshop for State & Local Transportation Advocates brings together transportation investment champions from around the country to share best practices, playbook secrets and other keys to success in advancing state and local legislative and ballot initiatives that boost transportation infrastructure investment.

Attend the workshop to hear the real-life challenges and success stories of state transportation funding campaigns. Learn what states have raised or are trying to raise new transportation revenue, why they are doing so, what revenue streams they are exploring, who the major players are, and campaign tactics and strategies.

Visit the ARTBA-TIAC workshop page for updates on speakers, session topics, and more.

For any questions or requests for the Workshop, contact Carolyn Kramer.

ARTBA is proud to continue its Professional Development Hours (PDH) program to all of the attendees of the 2020 P3 Conference as a value-added benefit at the event, subject to the approval of your governing State Accrediting Agency. 2 PDH hours are available. Attendees will receive the form to complete following the event.

“The ARTBA P3s in Transportation Conference is full of excellent panels and speakers from public and private leaders across the P3 industry, and the mentorship and networking opportunities through the emerging leaders track as part of this conference are unparalleled. I look forward to this event every year and encourage everyone from students to young professionals to attend and grow their knowledge of P3s, help ensure a strong future for our vital industry, and have a bit of fun as well!”

Noah Jolley, Director of Project Management, ACS Infrastructure Development, Inc. Miami, Florida