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Pictured left is the 2016-17 P3 Division President, Steve DeWitt, and pictured right is 2017-18 P3 Division President, Simon Santiago.

The 2017-18 P3 Division Board of Directors is comprised of the following leaders:

First NameLast NameCompanyARTBA Role
SimonSantiago Nossaman, LLPP3 Division President
Jennifer AumentTransurbanP3 Division 1st VP
JoeWingerterKiewit CorporationP3 Division 2nd VP
DeborahBrownWSP | Parsons BrinckerhoffP3 Division Board Member
JohnBuchheitGannett Fleming, Inc.P3 Division Board Member
SteveDavidson American StructurepointP3 Division Board Member
Roger DriskellCrawford, Murphy & Tilly P3 Division Board Member
Tony Elkins Cintra USAP3 Division Board Member
MortezaFarajianVirginia Office of Public-PrivateP3 Division Board Member
SidneyFlorey VINCI Concessions USAP3 Division Board Member
BryanKendro Star America Infrastructure PartnersP3 Division Board Member
Mike KirkThe Louis Berger Group, Inc.P3 Division Board Member
SiaKushaAECOMP3 Division Board Member
SueLeeEYP3 Division Board Member
GailLewisArizona DOTP3 Division Board Member
Bob Poole Reason Public Policy Institute P3 Division Board Member
TimRuttenFluor Enterprises, Inc.P3 Division Board Member
GeoffSegal Macquarie CapitalP3 Division Board Member
JoshuaSchankLA MetroP3 Division Board Member
Ken SmithHDR Engineering, Inc.P3 Division Board Member
David SpectorColorado DOT/HPTEP3 Division Board Member
Mark Sullivan Federal Highway AdministrationP3 Division Board Member
KevinThibault Parsons P3 Division Board Member
François WasselinACS Infrastructure Development, Inc.P3 Division Board Member
BillAllenPennoni Associates Inc.P3 Division Past President
SteveDeWittACS Infrastructure Development, Inc.P3 Division Past President
MattGirard Plenary Concessions P3 Division Past President
DJGribbinHDR Engineering, Inc.P3 Division Past President
DustyHolcombe RS&HP3 Division Past President
KentMarshallGranite Construction Company P3 Division Past President
Howard NoelAECOMP3 Division Past President
PatrickRhode Cintra USAP3 Division Past President
PhilRussellH.W. Lochner, Inc.P3 Division Past President
TomStoner H.W. Lochner, Inc.P3 Division Past President
RayTillmanRT ConsultancyP3 Division Past President
GeoffYarema Nossaman, LLPP3 Division Past President
RussellZapalacHalff AssociatesP3 Division Past President


Industry leadership is also recognized through ARTBA’s Annual Entrepreneur of the Year and P3 Project of the Year. Recent winners include:

2017 – Joint Selection – David Spector, Colorado High Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE)
2016- Joint Selection – Mitch Daniels, Purdue University
2015- Public Sector – Bryan A. Kendro, PennDOT
2015- Private Sector – Ananth Prasad, HNTB Corp.
2014- Joint Selection – Russell Zapalac, TxDOT
2013- Public Sector – Kendra York, Indiana Finance Authority
2013- Private Sector – Matt Walsh, Chicago-based Walsh Group
2012- Public Sector – Tony Kinn, Virginia Office of Transportation P3s
2012- Private Sector – Geoff Yarema, Nossaman LLP
2011- Public Sector – Kome Ajise, Caltrans
2011- Private Sector – Jordi Graells, Abertis USA
2010- Public Sector – Amadeo Saenz, Texas DOT Executive Director
2010- Private Sector – Nicolas Rubio, Cintra
2009- Public Sector – Gerry O’Reilly, Florida Department of Transportation
2009- Private Sector –  Juan Santamaria, ACS Infrastructure Developments, Inc.
2008- Public Sector – Pierce R. Homer, Virginia Secretary of Transportation
2008- Private Sector – C. Kenneth Orski, Innovation Briefs
2007- Public Sector – Lowell Clarey, FL DOT
2007- Private Sector – Robert Poole, Reason Foundation
2006- Public Sector – Ted Houghton Jr., TxDOT
2006- Private Sector – Jose Maria Lopez, Cintra
2005- Joint Selection – DJ Gribbin, FHWA
2004- Public Sector – Mary Peters, FHWA
2004- Private Sector – Kent Marshall, Granite
2003- Public Sector – Suzanne Sale, FHWA
2003- Private Sector – Geoff Yarema, Nossaman
2002- Public Sector – Phil Russell, TX DOT
2002- Private Sector – Tom Bradshaw, SSB
2001- Public Sector – Shirley Ybarra, VA DOT
2001- Private Sector – Norm Wuesterfeld, Wilbur Smith
2000- Public Sector – Tom Warne, UT DOT
2000- Private Sector – Ralph Stanley, Bechtel
1999- Public Sector – Jerry Ellis, WA DOT
1999- Private Sector – Michael Schneider, PB
1998- Public Sector – Carl Williams, CALTRANS
1998- Private Sector – Wally Kreutzen, TCA
1997- Peter Buffa, Transportation Corridor Agency, Santa Clara, CA
1997- Carl Williams, Business, Transportation and Housing Agency, Sacramento, CA
1996- Gerald Pfeiffer, United Infrastructure Company

I-595 Corridor Improvements Project

US 36 Express Lanes


I-95 Express Lanes

Dallas Fort-Worth (DFW) Connector

Ohio River Bridges-End Crossing

Presidio Parkway P3

Denver RTD for their FasTracks Eagle P3
Puerto Rico P3 Authority for the PR-22 and PR-5 toll road deals

Lyndon B. Johnson Express
North Tarrant Express

I-595 Corridor Improvements Program

Northwest Parkway – Privatization Program

Florida – Port of Miami Tunnel

Virginia – Pocahontas Parkway
Oregon – Innovative Partnerships Program
Texas – SH130

Virginia – I-495 HOT Lanes
Texas – Trans Texas Corridor
Louisiana – LAI

Texas – SH-45
Illinois – Chicago Skyway
Texas – US138A
Virginia – Dulles Metrorail Project