P3 Council

The ARTBA P3 Owners Council (P3OC) is a peer group of
public officials from state and local transportation agencies
who share information, best practices and experience about
transportation P3s on an ongoing basis. The group includes
representatives of DOTs with significant involvement in P3
projects, as well those with emerging P3 programs and
others exploring the viability of P3s and enabling legislation
in their states.

ARTBA serves as the platform for the P3OC’s activities
through its P3 Division, which has functioned as a key
policymaking and networking venue in the P3 sector for
more than 25 years. ARTBA has also counted public
officials in its membership ranks since its founding in 1902.
In supporting the P3OC’s activities, provides a full range of
member services including information technology,
meeting management and networking with its membership
across the transportation design and construction industry.


P3OC membership is limited to representatives of public
sector owner-agencies. Its activities and proceedings are
also limited to P3OC members, although the council will
occasionally arrange opportunities to interact with federal
agency counterparts and/or private sector members of
ARTBA’s P3 Division for specific purposes.

To participate in the P3OC, a government official must be
a member of ARTBA’s Transportation Officials Division.
In 2017, the annual dues are $210 per agency executive, or
$1,000 for five or more executives from the same agency.

Benefits for P3OC Members

  • Complimentary registration (a $250 value) to ARTBA’s
    Annual P3s in Transportation Conference in
    Washington, D.C. (July 12-14, 2017), the nation’s
    longest-standing and premier event in the
    transportation P3 space. The agenda will include a
    private P3OC “owners-only” meeting.
  • Additional face-to-face meetings during the year,
    generally coinciding with major transportation policy
    events that a number of owner-representatives already
    plan to attend.
  • On-line communities exclusive and accessible only to
    P3OC members, including a collaboration portal and
    on-line archive for sharing of key documents such as
    RFIs and contracts. ARTBA will provide the necessary
    secure platform for these activities.
  • Membership in both ARTBA’s P3 Division and
    Transportation Officials Division, including full voting
    rights and access to publications, news updates, policy
    resources and more.
  • Aggressive representation in the federal legislative,
    regulatory and policymaking processes through
    ARTBA’s extensive government affairs program.

ARTBA Staff Contacts

Rich Juliano
Senior Vice President for Strategic Initiatives
Managing Director, P3 Division

Allison Rose
Manager of Member Services and Chapter Relations